Albin Lee Meldau – Til the Sun Comes Around Again

I’m not even sure how this happened…

…I stumbled upon KSYM — a small community radio station on the campus of San Antonio College in Texas.

I’ve been streaming the station a lot lately. It plays a strange combination of old-timey roots music and alternative rock.

I heard today’s artist on that station and liked him. Then I dug into his catalog and found today’s song.

His name is Albin Lee Meldau — a Swedish singer songwriter who’s counts Van Morrison and Sam Cooke among his idols and influences.

I hear that in this song.

Let me know what you think.

Today’s Song 

Title: Til the Sun Comes Around Again

Artist: Albin Lee Meldau

Album: About You (2018)

YouTube Link:

Here are the Playlists:  



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