Every (ware)HOUSE Concert is a charitable event with live entertainment. 

Each concert will support a different cause. You can support that cause by making an optional donation when you pay for your concert admission (online or at the door). Or you can click the links on this site to donate directly on the charity's website. 

Causes supported at previous concerts are featured below. You can click to donate to those causes, too. 

Featured Charity - Ready Readers


Our February 19 (ware)HOUSE Concert benefits Ready Readers

Each week, more than 500 men and women throughout St. Louis take time out of their routines to keep a weekly date — with a classroom full of preschoolers. Armed with a tote bag full of books and a passion for reading, our Ready Readers volunteers walk into a receptive audience of familiar young faces, all eager to know: “What stories will we hear today?”

When the books come out, the minds open up.

The reader and children take page-by-page journeys to places as near as their hometown and as far away as outer space. They laugh, they sing, they discover new words. They build bonds of trust and friendship as they experience the adventure of reading together. The same reader with the same class, week after week.

In these moments, the goal is not simply to have fun. It is to inspire a love of reading among little learners in low-income communities.

Why? Because literacy lifts lives out of poverty. And by reading to these children early and often, we can better prepare them for success in school and in life.

To build on the momentum of our classroom visits, Ready Readers delivers gift books to each classroom several times per year. Children receive their own personal copies to keep and enjoy with their families at home. Teachers receive a classroom copy to have at the ready when the children inevitably plead, “Read it again!”

Through our weekly reading and gift book programs, through workshops and training for our readers and teachers, and through literacy-themed events outside the classroom, Ready Readers helps children reap the rewards of literacy.

If you love children, enjoy reading or simply want to make a positive impact in your community, we welcome your support – as a volunteer or a donor. Become part of our story – now 20 years in the making – and join us as we write our next chapter.

Support Ready Readers

It takes a lot of big-hearted people to turn 10,000 children into eager soon-to-be readers. When you give to Ready Readers, you support storytime inside the classroom and in homes across our region. You fill young minds with big ideas and open the door to a world filled with promise.

Truth is, we couldn’t do it without you. All Ready Readers funding comes from individuals and corporations who believe, as we do, that every child deserves the gift of literacy.


or add an optional donation to your ticket purchase when you get seats (online or at the door) for the Lindi Ortega on February 17.

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Featured Charity - Aim High St. Louis


Our August 19 (ware)HOUSE Concert will benefit Aim High St. Louis.

Aim High St. Louis is a tuition-free personal and academic enrichment program for motivated middle school students, most of whom come from challenging circumstances or environments. Over our 20 years of partnership with St. Louis area families, we know that the majority of students who complete the program:

  • Grow academically  – more than 80% of our students show gains in their academic courses each summer
  • Graduate – more than 90% of Aim High achievers graduate, compared with just 60% of their local counterparts;*
  • Continue their education – almost 85% of Aim High graduates continue their education after high school, in contrast to 60% of their peers.

Support Aim High

Contributing to Aim High is a long-term investment in our community and our future. And like everything in our program, your generosity will provide a plethora of benefits to both you and our students, including:

  • Better programming and more resources
  • Opportunities for field trips and cultural enrichment
  • Highly trained employees and teachers
  • Missouri State Tax Credits
  • Improvements to your community


or add an optional donation to your ticket purchase when you get seats (online or at the door) for the Peter Case concert on August 19.

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Previously Featured - Hope Happens


Why Hope Happens

Everyone knows someone with a neurological disorder that has no cure…Alzheimer’s, Autism, ALS, Cerebral Palsy, Huntington’s, MS, Muscular Dystrophy, Parkinson’s, Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke, and many more. So everyone has a reason to hope.

How Hope Happens

We founded Hope Happens on the premise that a discovery in one neurological disease or scientific discipline is likely to lead to a discovery in another. So, in 2004, we partnered with Washington University in St. Louis to launch the Hope Center for Neurological Disorders. The Hope Center brings together more than 123 principal investigators from 20 different Washington University departments whose expertise spans many different disciplines and diseases.

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Help Hope Happen

Your gift accelerates ground-breaking research. By educating others and spreading the word, you expand our movement. You can donate when you reserve your seat for the (ware)HOUSE Concert and/or you can...