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Friday, December 20

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About Jordan Suter

Jordan Suter spends his days working in the St. Louis County Crime Lab and his nights writing and performing tunes that make him one of the emerging stars in the St. Louis Americana/Country/Folk scene.

Think...CSI meets Uncle Tupelo.

Jordan moved to St. Louis three years ago. He came from the plains of Eastern Colorado. St. Louis was surprisingly appealing to him.  With songwriting and performing in his blood, he quickly found a love for the americana/country/folk scene that dominates much of our musical community.

Then, upon stumbling into Gaslight Lounge's Open Mic, Jordan quickly embedded himself with the production team there and began working on his upcoming EP, "Tumbleweed".  With a delivery that appeals to both Americana purists and good ol' country music fans, Jordan's music has found immediate relevancy not only in the local scene, but on major festival stages alike.  Jordan's music can be found somewhere between Midland, Uncle Tupelo, Dwight Yoakam, and Garth Brooks

Jordan's Music

Our friends at Gaslight music studios have given us exclusive access to pre-release tracks from Jordan's upcoming EP, Tumbleweed. These tracks will be available only until December 20. Give them a listen... This is going to be a great EP and a great concert!

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(Thanks to Rick Koch for Several of the Concert Photos)