Mary Gauthier – Amsterdam

Hi (ware)HOUSE Concerts friend.

Sorry for the unannounced Song of the Say hiatus.

But I’m back…

…inspired by today’s artist, Mary Gauthier.

I learned today that she has a new album coming out in June…

…but she’s already released one song from it.

I heard the song and thought, “I gotta share this one with my Song of the Day pals.”

Here’s what Mary says about that song on her website:

“On the way to Denmark to play a festival during that break in Covid before Omicron, my connecting flight was delayed. I was able to re-route through Amsterdam, no extra charge. So, I booked my favorite room in my favorite hotel, and spent a couple days in my favorite city with my favorite person. We wrote this song together in that room, during a very happy time.” 

Happy song.

A song about awakening.

Hiatus over.

(I didn’t plan to start it. I didn’t have a plan to end it.)

Happy Friday.

Today’s Song 

Title: Amsterdam

Artist: Mary Gauthier

Album: Dark Enough to See The Stars (Coming in June 2022)

YouTube Link:

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