Mason Proffit – You Win Again

On this day in 1944, 21-year-old Hank Williams married his manager, Audrey Sheppard.

Hank Williams, Jr. came from that union — which eventually led us to Hank Williams III.

Other than those offspring, this wasn’t a marriage to celebrate. Somehow, it lasted for eight years, until in 1952 Williams and Sheppard divorced.

Soon after, he recorded “You Win Again.”


Lots of great covers of that tune.

Here’s an obscure one by Mason Proffitt.

That’s a band, not a person.

They lasted about half as long as Hank and Audrey’s marriage — forming in 1969 and disbanding four years later. 

But they were good.

Their ALLMUSIC biography says: “Mason Proffit is widely considered by obscure rock aficionados to be one of the best bands who never made it to the big time. Although they are mostly overlooked today, along with the Byrds, Michael Nesmith, and others, they helped to invent country-rock.”

And they recorded a darn good cover of a great sad song.

Today’s Song 

Title: You Win Again

Artist: Mason Proffit

Album: Rockfish Crossing (1972)

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