NRBQ – The Moon and Other Things

Terry Adams has been with NRBQ for the bands entire 50+-year ride.

He’s the only remaining founding member. And with new lineup after new lineup, he has kept that NRBQ sound going…

…including in 2021…

…with the album Dragnet, the band’s first since 2014, and easily one of my favorites from the past year.

I’ve chosen one of the pretty, melodic, whistle-along-with-the-melody numbers for this email. For those who don’t know the band, this isn’t all you get with NRBQ.

Listen to the album’s instrumental title track, and you’ll hear a raw, menacing rockabilly beast that would fit well on a Tarantino soundtrack. It will remind you (or reveal) why many call NRBQ the world’s greatest bar band (or garage band, or whatever).

Play the whole album, and you’ll see how diverse the band’s styles are.

Yet another great NRBQ album. There are many.

Today’s Song 

Title: The Moon and Other Things

Artist: NRBQ

Album: Dragnet (2021)

YouTube Link (Official Video):

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