Ruby Boots – Don’t Give a Damn

A shout-out to my friend Angela Kelly. She hosted today’s artist at one of her always-great Kelly House Concerts…

…and I’ve been hooked ever since…

…on Ruby Boots.

Born Rebecca Louise “Bex” Chilcott, Ruby Boots is originally from Australia who settled in Nashville a few years ago.

Her pal Brandy Zdan appeared with her at Angela’s house. That’s how I discovered Brandy, too — leading to her appearance at (ware)HOUSE Concerts in January 2019.

Lots of great songs to choose from. Here’s the last track from her most recent album.

btw…I couldn’t find a YouTube for this song. But I DID find a video from the very Kelly House Concert, I mentioned. Thanks @justfragvideo for posting it. It’s the title track from the album noted below…

Today’s Song 

Title: Don’t Give a Damn

Artist: Ruby Boots

Album: Don’t Talk About It (2018)

YouTube Link: 

“Don’t Talk About It” from Kelly House Concerts
Sep 23, 2018:

Here are the Playlists:  



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