The Monkees – Goin’ Down

In case you missed the news…

We’re thrilled to announce we’re reopening the (ware)HOUSE on June 4, and Sarah Potenza will be our guest. Sarah was scheduled to play the (ware)HOUSE in 2020. But we had to postpone due to COVID.

This rescheduled concert is a name-your-price event. 

We encourage you to donate $25/ticket — more if you’re willing.

Important note: The last two years — especially the months after the pandemic began — was devastating time for touring artists like Sarah who had their entire livelihoods screech to a halt. 

We sent to Sarah the revenue we collected for that 2020 show and told her it was a downpayment for when we reopened.

Sarah needed that money I sent her in 2020. And while things are better now than they were in 2020, it’s still not “back to normal” for touring artists.

Sarah’s payment for this event comes solely from ticket and merchandise sales. We don’t pocket a penny.

So we’d be grateful — and, of course, so, too, would Sarah — if you’d reserve seats at that $25/seat level (or more).

You’ll also have the opportunity to make an optional donation to support the North County Big Band.

We hope you can join us on June 4. Click below for details and tickets: 

Now the Song of the Day

The other day, I was watching an episode of Breaking Bad. That show has a great soundtrack — including the song I share today.

I didn’t recognize it. So I fired up my Shazam app and was shocked to learn it was by the Monkees.

This is not made-for-tv bubblegum pop. This is something different.

All in the band get songwriting credits. Mickey Dolenz is the lead singer.

It was the B-Side to the 1967 single Daydream Believer.

Today’s Song 

Title: Goin’ Down

Artist: The Monkees

Album: Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. (1967)

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