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(ware)HOUSE Concerts are all about spreading great music... and joy.

Same goes for (ware)HOUSE Radio.

Each week will post a new playlist, built around a theme.

The playlists are available on Spotify and YouTube Radio.

No subscription required to listen. Yours to enjoy...


(ware)HOUSE Radio – Great Album-Enders

Great album-enders.
They leave you wanting more.
Here are a few of my favorites. 

(ware)HOUSE Radio – Ashes and Ashtrays

There’s something about cigarettes and the stories they tell…“…
Ashes on the floor by 10 o’clock…”
“I’m down to my last cigarette…”
“He knew how his nation was doing
By the length of a sidewalk cigarette butt…”
“She’s smokin’ 100’s alone…”
Here are tunes from which all of the above lines were taken, plus a few others to puff on…

(ware)HOUSE Radio – Rolling Stones Covers

In honor of the Rolling Stones upcoming return to St. Louis, we complied great covers of some of their songs…

(ware)HOUSE Radio – Past Artists v1.0

Here’s a collection of songs from artists who have performed at the (ware)HOUSE

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