Aaron Lee Tasjan – Memphis Rain

Welcome to Game 1 of an Aaron Lee Tasjan double-header…

One Tasjan tune today. Another by him tomorrow. Two in a row. I like Aaron Lee Tasjan that much.

I chased his booking agent for two years before we made a date for Tasjan at the (ware)HOUSE. We announced the show, and sold out in hours.

The show would have been April 19, 2020.


Tasjan’s management assures me: He will re-book at the (ware)HOUSE. 

Meanwhile, about those songs I mentioned…

The first one…

Tasjan moved to Nashville after stints with Semi-Precious Weapons (glam rock), New York Dolls, and other bands not usually associated with Music City. 

He took to Nashville quickly and created music that hugs Hank Williams, Roy Orbison, and many other Country/Americana ghosts. Familiar, yet original.

Song of the Day is one of those songs. Those songs had Nashville buzzing.

But don’t get too cozy with the Hank-and-Roy vibe. Don’t put Tasjan in the “Americana” box.

Tasjan has complex musical DNA: Semi-Precious Weapons, New York Dolls, Bowie, Beatles, Petty, Elliot Smith, and so on.

Tomorrow, I’ll share one that he wrote and recorded in Nashville, that ain’t your Daddy’s Nashville sound.

But first…

Today’s Song:

Title: Memphis Rain
Artist: Aaron Lee Tasjan 
Album “SIlver Tears” (2016)

Today’s YouTube link is a video. Worth checking out…

Here are the Playlists:



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