Chicago Farmer – $13 Beer

For the second night in a row, I spent an evening in the greatest room in St. Louis — the Sheldon Concert Hall.

Richard Thompson on Thursday. Todd Snider last night.

So much better than staying home and watching Bachelorette reruns.

We’ll get to Todd Snider in a day or two.

But first, I want to introduce you to Snider’s warm-up act.

His name is Cody Diekhoff. His stage name is “Chicago Farmer.”

He grew up on a farm, halfway between St. Louis and Chicago.

He listened to punk and grunge as a kid. Then a friend of his dad played a Hank Williams record, and that was that.

“Chicago Farmer” was originally going to be the name for a band. But this guy is better-suited for the solo gig.

Catch him when you can. His set was great. And when we reopen the (ware)HOUSE, I hope to have him grace our stage.


Today’s Song 

Title: $13 Beer

Artist: Chicago Farmer

Album: Flyover Country (2020)

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