Dan Bern – Estelle

The first time you hear Dan Bern, you may think he’s just some Bob Dylan knock-off.

But don’t sell him short.

Sure, he sounds a bit like Dylan. But Dan Bern is an original.

His first (self-titled) album is one of my favorites. Not one of my favorites by Dan Bern. One of my favorites, period.

Here’s one I like from that album.

I especially like the chorus:

Sometimes it seems like there’s so much that you need 

Sometimes the world is upside down 

Sometimes it seems like the only thing you need 

Is holdin’ someone’s hand as you walk through town  

Today’s Song 

Title: Estelle

Artist: Dan Bern

Album: Dan Bern (1997)

YouTube Link: 


Here are the Playlists:  

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3xYKtYparrdJRYAjBj9kjx?si=eb6c3ebc30484204 

Apple: https://music.apple.com/us/playlist/ware-house-concerts-song-of-the-day/pl.u-Ggz26cZlAVLj 

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