Don Gibson – Oh Lonesome Me

Neil Young writes almost every song on every one of his albums.

But on his 1970 masterpiece “After the Gold Rush,” Young slipped in one cover.

It’s by Don Gibson, who scored a top-10 hit in 1958 with a jauntier version of the same tune.

Young’s reinvents the song. His cover version is a dirge.

Back when I first fell in love with “After the Gold Rush,” I didn’t love this song. But it’s grown on my since. A lot.

As for Gibson, he went on to score another hit with “Sea of Heartbreak” (1961). And his song “I Can’t Stop Loving You” was covered 600+ times — most notably by Ray Charles.

Don Gibson died on this day (11/17) in 2003. He was 75.

Here’s his jaunty version of his sad, sad song.

Today’s Song 

Title: Oh Lonesome Me

Artist: Don Gibson

Album: Oh Lonesome Me (1958)

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