Little Feat – Spanish Moon

I lived on the east coast in the late 80s and 90s. Tower Records was a huge music retailer in places I lived.

They published a great music magazine, called Pulse, that was free for the taking when you visited the store. My favorite Pulse feature: “Desert Island Discs.”

If you were stuck on a desert island, what 10 discs would you take with you? 

Readers would send in their submissions, and Pulse would publish several lists in each issue.

I never sent in my top-10 to Pulse. But I have long thought about certain albums I love as “Desert Island Discs.”

One of those albums: Waiting for Columbus by Little Feat.

I thought of Little Feat and that album the other day when I shared with you Nathaniel Rateliff’s “Shoe Boot” which sounds a bit like Little Feat.

So…today, I’ll share my favorite track from my favorite Little Feat album which also happens to be my favorite live concert album and is definitely one of my Desert Island Discs.


Today’s Song 

Title: Spanish Moon

Artist: Little Feat

Album: Waiting for Columbus (1978)

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