Shannon McNally – Black Rose

I’ve been thinking about music, and how much I miss it.

COVID silenced most live music, including (ware)HOUSE Concerts. Concerts will be back at the (ware)HOUSE, I’m just not sure when.

Until then, I’m going to share songs with you. Beginning on Thursday, I’ll send daily emails with the (ware)HOUSE Concerts Song of the Day.

This is a sneak peek.

Each email will tell you about one song. Then I’ll add the song to a public playlist that I’ll share on Spotify and Apple music. If you have those services, you can save the playlist.

The playlist will grow by one song per day. If you don’t have those services, you can find the songs through other services. I’ll link to the song on YouTube if I can find it.

Here are the Playlists (including the song for this intro email)




Today’s Song 
Title: Black Rose
Artist: Shannon McNally (w/ Buddy Miller)
Album: The Waylon Sessions (2021)

YouTube Link:


Shannon McNally played (ware)HOUSE Concert #3 — way back when in December 2017.


In May 2021, she released this album of Waylon Jennings covers.
Rave reviews, well deserved. Slow songs, fast songs, she does ‘em all. Special guests, she’s got ‘em — including Buddy Miller on this track.


It’s a great album.

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