Travis Linville – I’m Still Here

Travis Linville is the only artist who has appeared at the (ware)HOUSE more than once — May 2018 and June 2019, plus a special appearance last month in my backyard.

And he has been one of the most prolific, entertaining online performers during the pandemic.

When I began to shelter in place and work from home, I began most mornings by tuning in to Travis’ Facebook live shows — straight from his living room.

And I’ve been a satisfied subscriber to his “Bootleg Club” at where he regularly posts new recordings — covers, rarities, upcoming releases, etc.

If you like today’s Song of the Day, look up Travis and sign up (I think it’s only $5/month) to get access to his entire Patreon catalog — past, present, and future. Sites like Patreon help artists like Travis when touring opportunities are limited.

Travis co-wrote the title song for his latest album with Natalie Hemby!

If you’re thinking, “Natalie Who?,” don’t worry. I’ll give you the scoop on her in tomorrow’s email (you’ll want to hear THAT song, and others of hers).

For now, all you need to know is Travis thinks it was mighty cool to co-write with Natalie (he’s right), and they created something great which is…

Today’s Song  

Title: I’m Still Here

Artist: Travis Linville

Album: I’m Still Here (2021)

YouTube Link:

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