Ashley Campbell – Remembering

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In an mail last week (Willie Nelson w/ Francine Reed), I mentioned Glen Cambpell’s final days with Alzheimer’s. See that email in the archives here:

Last night, I watched the movie “I’ll Be Me,” about the concert tour Glen took AFTER he was diagnosed and far down the Alzheimer’s hole.

This movie is gut-wrenching and beautiful. Sad and hopeful. Inspirational.

Glen’s touring band included three of his eight children.

One of those children: Ashley…

…Guitarist. Banjoist. Singer. Caretaker.

In the movie, she says “life is memories.”

Lots of people say that during the movie as Glen’s memories fade.

Here’s a love song Ashley wrote to her father before he was gone.

It comes from the movie’s soundtrack.

Today’s Song 

Title: Remembering

Artist: Ashley Campbell

Album: I’ll Be Me Soundtrack (2015)

YouTube Link: (Official video. Well worth watching this one!)

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