Gram Parsons – In My Hour of Darkess

Gram Parsons would have turned 75 today.

He was only 26 when he died at the Joshua Tree Motel in September 1973 — soon after recording his second and final solo album Grievous Angel.

That album was released after his death, and sales were modest.

Parsons didn’t achieve much commercial success, especially as a solo artist.

But it’s hard to overstate his importance and influence.

Americana music.

Country rock.

Whatever you call it, Gram Parsons helped to create and shape it.

Some call him the “Father of Country Rock.”

Countless artists you know and love point to Parsons as a major influence.

So let’s raise a birthday toast to the great Gram Parsons and enjoy…

Today’s Song 

Title: In My Hour of Darkess

Artist: Gram Parsons

Album: Grievous Angel (1973)

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