James Taylor – You Can Close Your Eyes

I saw James Taylor and Jackson Browne last night in St. Louis.

They’re both 73…

…and they both blew me away.

Beautiful voices. Beautiful songs. Still bringing it.

Say what you will about James Taylor. Some say he’s a bit too sugary for their taste. But I say a little sugar tastes good from time to time.

He closed the set with the song I share today…

…joined on stage only by his son, Henry.

Very sweet!

I’ll add his original, album version to the playlists.

The video is from a May 2020 episode of the Tonight Show — James performing the the song with his wife Kim and his son Henry.

Today’s Song 

Title: You Can Close Your Eyes

Artist: James Taylor

Album: Mud Slide Slim (1971)

YouTube Link: 


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