Joni Mitchell (with James Taylor) – California

I’m excited about this one.

Yesterday, I shared James Taylor’s “You Can Close Your Eyes.”

While searching for that tune on the streaming services, I found a version Taylor recorded with Joni Mitchell…

…from her concert on 12/27/1970 at the Paris Theatre in London.

The BBC recorded and broadcast that concert.

Many years ago, I got a bootleg copy.

I considered it one of my great musical treasures.

This recording was not available as a commercial release.

This concert was sixth months BEFORE she released the album “Blue.”

She hadn’t even recorded the songs.

But there she was on stage, with her new boyfriend, James Taylor, performing these songs for people who never heard them before. No one had.

Last night I found that song from that concert on Spotify. It came from an album called “Joni Mitchell Archives, Vol. 2: The Reprise Years 1968-1971.”

The album was released last month.

123 tracks total!

Including 23 tracks from that BBC concert (the concert — and my bootleg copy — include several of Taylor’s songs not included on this new release).

Perfectly mastered. No bootleg hiss.

Treasure rediscovered. Better than before.

If you like Joni Mitchell (or even if you don’t), go find this album (available on all the streaming services) and listen to Disc 5, Tracks 1-23. This is special.

And if you LOVE Joni Mitchell listen to the whole album. Extra special.

Here’s a little taste.

Today’s Song 

Title: California

Artist: Joni Mitchell (with James Taylor)

Album: Joni Mitchell Archives, Vol. 2: The Reprise Years 1968-1971 (2021)

YouTube Link: 

Sorry, no YouTube link for this one.

Here are the Playlists:  



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