Paul Thorn – It’s Never too Late to Call

I saw Paul Thorn at Delmar Hall here in St. Louis last week. 

Great concert, featuring lots of songs from his fantastic new album “Never Too Late to Cry.” 

That album’s title track is today’s (ware)HOUSE Concerts Song of the Day.

The song’s about Paul’s sister, Deborah. Before she died in 2018, Paul used to call her, late at night, after gigs. Deborah was a night-owl, the only one of Paul’s siblings who might be awake when he called.

He would apologize when she picked up. “Sorry to call so late.” 

She’d always reply: “I love you, Paul. It’s never too late to call.”

When he introduced the song at Delmar Hall, he said, “I hope all of you have someone in your life who tells you it’s never too late to call.” 

Amen, Paul. 

Today’s Song

Title: It’s Never too Late to Call
Artist: Paul Thorn
Album: Never too Late to Call (2021)

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