Tom T. Hall – Tulsa Telephone Book

I was on Twitter the other day and saw a post that said Tom T. Hall was twice the songwriter Bob Dylan is. 

And the crowd went crazy. Some cheered loudly. Others booed and hissed. 

That’s how I learned that Tom T. Hall died earlier this month.

Turns out that Hall-v-Dylan debate has been raging for decades — since 1995 when Dylan ripped Hall and Merle Haggard at some awards ceremony.

I think it’s kind of silly. Saying Hall is better than Dylan (or vice-versa) is like saying blue is better than green or Scotch is better than bourbon. It’s a matter of taste. And you can enjoy ‘em all. 

So I’ll step out of the ring on this one and say only: Tom T. Hall was a helluva songwriter and a great storyteller. He tells one of those stories in…

Today’s Song

Title: Tulsa Telephone Book
Artist: Tom T. Hall
Album: In Search of a Song

YouTube Link:

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